Want to pay with MDF? Here's how!

In our last update, we announced that we're on HP and Microsoft's approved activity list for MDF (Market Development Funds). We've had a great response about this, including a repeated question. . .How exactly do you get reimbursed for our service with MDF?

The bare bones version of MDF is that you put in a request to your HP or Microsoft rep to receive funds for your e-newsletter and then you submit proof of purchase (an invoice that you receive from us). You will still pay us as you normally do and then you are reimbursed with MDF from your vendor. MDF requests cannot be made by us - you must contact your representative to get the process started.

Depending on which vendor you are using, the MDF request and approval process varies. The best place to start is by contacting your vendor representative to discuss what options are available and how you need to apply. MDF requests cannot be made by us – it must be initiated by you, the partner. Once you have funding approved, we can help you get the proper documentation to submit for reimbursement!.

Let us know if you have any questions!